Thursday, 31 January 2013

City Life

There was a time when everybody was in praise of village life. But now even village people prefer to live in cities. There are many causes of this change in the outlook of the people. A few years back it was thought that village life is more secure, more pure and more easy. But now things have changed a lot.
With the progress of science man’s attitude toward’s life, his mode of living and his ambitions have undergone many changes. Now man has got various things that are not only comfortable but also luxurious. Better means of communications and transportation, better housing and health facilities, better means of entertainment, better educational institutions, more variety of clothes and different kinds of food have been included in man’s basic needs of life. These “basic needs of life” are not available in villages.
On the other hand, telephone, television, cinema houses, hospitals, universities, colleges, parks, open houses, wide, roads, gas and electricity, buses and cars and availability of all commodities of daily use with variety and abundance have made city life a pleasant dream that everybody desires to see. But the terrorists, the dacoits, obscenity corruption, black-marketing, unemployment, narcotics sectarianism, load-shedding and political chaos have turned this pleasant dream into a nightmare.
Now the minds of the people living in big cities are polluted with envy and hatred. Smoke is defacing their faces, they have many things to decorate their bodies but they have nothing to give solace to their souls and peace to their minds. Peace is the product of love and self-sacrifice let love and self-sacrifice prevail both in cities and villages to make them worth-living.


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