Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pakistan's Political System

Pakistan is a developing country and it is politically unstable because  No body actually cares about the country. It's each man for himself and every one is there in politics just to make money and nothing else.
                         There are many political parties and Almost every party represents a particular ethnic group, therefore no party has got the support in every region because the role of political parties in Pakistan is very much based upon different ethnic groups they represent.every party have their own slogans,plans,speeches to impress the public but they are not fulfilling it .This is one of the major reasons of slow development in some specific areas as compared to others. There are a number key problems in political system of Pakistan, & the list grows on and on with every passing minute. 
                         Pakistan's political system is broken: its political parties are ineffective, functioning for decades as instruments of two families, the Bhuttos and the Sharifs,as two clans but they both are  corrupt. Family politicians have given this country nothing but depression and destruction. PPP, PML , they are all family based parties with members divided into different parties. If father is in one, brother/daughter/son or other relative is in others. These parties have ruled about twice but without any progress.
                      Pakistan continues to face extraordinary challenges on the security and law enforcement front. The country has suffered greater military, law enforcement, in fighting extremism and terrorism than almost any other country. In the midst of this difficult security situation, Pakistan's civilian government remains weak, ineffectual, and corrupt.
            The role of youth in politics seems to be missing in this scenario and needs to be looked upon if the country is to strive for betterment. One possible solution for the underlying problem is to improve the problems of education system that erodes as every day falls behind.


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